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August 1, 2016

Makeup Monday!

You must know that it was only a matter of time before I started talking shop! Yuh comin or wa?

So makeup is unequivocally one of my favorite things in the world and I have finally decided to write some reviews on some awesome products. Today I want to talk about an oldie but goodie and that is none other than the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit. This summer has been all about the glow and I have found myself constantly reaching for this highlighter. It is one that flatters my chocolate skin in the best way. It is also long lasting and never breaks up or starts looking patchy. Just watch the video below and enjoy the glow.

Another talking point is definitely the lipstick in this pic. Miliani has done it again and has released eight limited edition metallic lip crèmes. My favorite for the summer is 07 Automatic Touch. Let's just take a minute to understand that this liquid lipstick is EVERYTHANG! I am not very comfortable with extremely bright colors and this is the perfect berry making it summer and fall appropriate though you should do whatever you want!

So for this look I paired up with MAC's Rebel which we all know is the perfect berry toned lippie. I off course lined my lips and since I could not find my MAC liner in Currant I went for my trusty Chestnut. I then topped it off with Milani's Automatic Touch in mostly the center of the lip. The metallic really brightened the lips and created more dimension.
On the subject of the lasting power of these products together...they are amazing! They lasted an entire day and I had BBQ food. I find all liquid lipsticks to be somewhat drying so I wore my EOS Mint lipbalm underneath it all and I felt great. Below you can find the entire look in natural light and of course SnapChat shows you everything. All in all I totally loved this look and will be doing it again with the addition of lashes.

All of that glow! #slay