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June 16, 2016


I obviously have not written anything in a little over two weeks and that is because I needed time to concentrate as well as understand where my life is going. I have been making some big decisions and I am ready to share them all with you.

My first decision is to be more instrumental on my island. I have decided that being a critic will not help so I will dedicate at least a week to positivity. I am not sure when this will begin but when it does I hope that everyone is on board with is but if you are not that is fine too. My island is far to dear to me for me to see it's charm slipping away and not try to help it. I thought that being critic would bring forth some type of progress but it is not so a new approach is in order.

I have also decided that my work and school life will be kept private for the most part so if you came here for that you will also be disappointed. I will however share my feelings on almost every subject known to me. My take on the smallest things like Gemeente Rotterdam's city garbage problem as well as the war in Syria. My very personal life will be shared when it can be beneficial, I've already written a piece on the rules of breaking up as well as one on being in love with your ex.

I am definitely excited about the direction everything will go in. Stay tuned for more!



P.S. I will be back on Sunday June 26th!