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May 29, 2016

Why Grandfather Blake is not Here.

I have decided to dedicate every Sunday to my home Sint Eustatius. So welcome to Statia Sunday!

During the last week my dad posted this photo of his fence:

The fence is obviously damaged and the person to blame was not a person but a cow. For as long as I can remember roaming cows as well as other livestock has been a serious issue on Statia. Every four years the general public was fed the same lie by political parties "if elected we will take the animals off the street." Unfortunately we have always been disappointed until now because now we are just furious. Furious because things are getting worse and it is not 100% the government's fault.

The new government has been trying to live up to their word and Statians have not been helping. Materials were provided for livestock owners to keep their animals fenced and yet they are not doing much to keep the cows in the pastures where they belong. There are laws in place to protect civilians' property if a cow causes damages but often times the cow is not claimed.

Fortunately there is a solution check out my YouTube channel for more information!