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July 3, 2016

Meen Able!

Welcome to another Statia Sunday! I really wanted to post something about growing up on Statia but unfortunately the self-proclaimed leader of government (SPLoG) ruined it for me. So due to last week's events here we are once again hanging our heads in shame. Let's do this!

So Mr. Clyde Van Putten's (SPLoG) latest antics are proof of the crazy on my beloved island. I am still shocked by his choice to go to the United Nations for a second time. I would say that his going should save our government money as he does not stay in four/five star hotels but since the money he saves goes into his pocket I feel cheated. For everyone who missed last week here's a quick recap. The SPLoG and some dudes from Bonaire went to complain about Holland's unfair treatment of the lovely islands. Statia did this last year though at the time Mr. Merkman and Mr. Zaandam were a part of that little circus.

Mr. SPLoG has been fighting for more autonomy and I have been wondering what he intends to do with it. He keeps saying that under no circumstance will Dutch people hold key positions on the island when our people are qualified. The term 'our people' seems to have a very loose definition to Mr. SPLoG as it should be less someone points out that discrimination is a bad idea. I firmly believe that Mr. SPLoG wants our island to become more like the islands around us and this is reflected in many things. These subtle hints like the use of the name speaker to refer to a chairman (something that is British) or the way he has stated that he wishes to work with the English/foreign islands rather than the Dutch ones. Statia has never been an English island. We do not speak English in an English way, we don't dress English and we definitely do not act English so why in high heavens is the SPLoG trying to turn us into them? The islands of the Commonwealth are in no way better off than the islands of the Dutch Kingdom.

This next bit is directed to you Mr. Van Putten so pay attention!

There is a constant back and forth between Statia and the Hague and the only people that have suffered is the general public. While you were busy fighting for more autonomy, did you ask the public if they wanted you to talk to the Hague, cooperate and give us a better quality of life? How much time did you waste when Holland decided that enough was enough and boycotted our island for months? You come out and spew all of this emancipation, colonization, slavery nonsense and people in their desperation believe you. I'm exhausted by your constant bashing of the Democratic party with whom you refuse to work. I am over hearing the same song about the Dutch wanting a colony. OF COURSE THEY DO now take that information and spin it to benefit our island because should we ever want independence the United Nations will give it to us if we are ready. For now let's just work on getting better. Most of all I am sick of being sick of your racist, derogatory, sexist comments. You are our Trump and as a person with a brain I cannot follow you. I remember you calling me an educated fool once and it stuck with me. How could a local politician tell a student something like that? I realized that you needed to find a way to bring me down to your level as you have no education. Any fool can die for his country Mr. Van Putten, it takes a man to live for it.

It really is time for Statians to start thinking for themselves. We need to start tackling our problems together. When the roaming animals issue is resolved what will be next? These are things that we need to start looking at and working on because Statians are much more powerful than we think. I truly believe that by cooperating with every good initiative on the island we can bring about change.

Let's wrap this up so that we're clear on everything shall we? We're Dutch and we do not wish to change that so the government needs to stop pushing the Hague in that direction. Secondly Statia needs actions not words so Mr. SPLoG should do us a favor and shut up. Lastly it is time for everyone to understand that we have the power to change our island and shape our future so we need to get up and move. We can no longer keep silent, I refuse to. Not in 2016, not ever! The revolution will not be televised it will be live!


IslandGyal (Urisha Blake in case you were not 100% sure)