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November 9, 2017

My PREGNANCY and other important info

If by some miracle you missed it here's my tummy again.
If you came here from my Facebook you all can tell the world that this is true. Anyway if you are done examining my belly, leh we staht.
This picture was taken yesterday at a steak restaurant. I had the best nachos of my life and feeling stuffed I expelled my stomach, something I have always been able to do. When I did it my boyfriend looked at me with an odd face and I realized that I looked EXTREMELY pregnant. Being the type of person that I am it was important to snap and share this picture. I intended to talk about a food baby but as I stared at the picture I looked even more pregnant. When I shared it social media went wild! I started receiving nice congratulatory messages and doubtful responses as well. As that happened I began to think about women in general and how pregnancy is such a huge part of our existence.  No I am not pregnant but I need you to read this.
Half of all pregnancies do not result in babies. Most pregnancies actually go unrecognized by the female body. The uterus is so smart that she say "nah sometin rong, dis was bad sperm. Leh we staht ova." This means that most women will be pregnant at some point in their lives but this should not be expected. At some point and time it was a woman's job to reproduce. Fortunately this is not the case in 2017 yet there is a constant silent pressure for women to have children. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to church and people actually asked about a wedding. At age 23 I see no reason for marriage. I do not need one. I also see no reason to have children now or in 10 years or even in 20 years. Yes in 20 years I will be 43 and that is considered old which leads me to my next point.
WOMEN CAN HAVE CHILDREN WHEN THEY PLEASE! If a woman decides to freeze her eggs and continue with her career she should not be seen as selfish. If she says that she wants to adopt instead of carry what is essentially a human parasite that should be fine as well. Often times men do not understand the gravity of pregnancy and they do not have to because they are men. Last night while stuffing my gut yet again my boyfriend and I discussed our birth control  experiences. For him it was extremely rough. He never knew what I wanted, I would change moods within seconds and I was completely out of touch with reality. He said that for him it was difficult to see me suffer and be helpless to fix it. While I now understand his frustrations at the time I truly did not care. I was on hormones that I could not get out of my body and he was fine. My world was upside down and he was fine. I could not stop bleeding and he was FINE. In comparison to everything women go through physically and mentally in regards to reproduction men are FINE. The fact that they pity themselves so much is a huge part of the problem.
How often have you seen men protesting in the streets for their right to paternity leave? How often do you see men speaking out about women's rights to choose abortions? These same men are the first to suggest abortions to their girlfriends, mistresses and even wives yet they cannot stand up and speak out? Never have I heard the men in my life talk about women's rights of their own free will. Black lives matter? Sure. The government needs to stop lying to us? Hallelujah. Birth control should be free? Umm... Feminine products should not be taxed as every woman in the world will need them at some point and time? Silence. If a man is unaware of these problems he is a part of the problem.
This is not just about the men though because women are awful as well. We teach our daughters to grin and bare the same mess we did. We frown at women who speak out on the unfair subject because really who needs to see female breasts on television. Who needs to see shirtless men? We sexualize our daughter's nudity and therefore give men license to do the same and I could go on and on but it is almost 8pm and we have to go get dinner.
No I'm not pregnant. If I was, that would be great. I'm not and that is fantastic! There is no right or wrong. If you are pregnant and you do not want to be, feel free to terminate the pregnancy. If it is too late for that adoption is an option. If you never want to have children that is ok too. If you are having trouble conceiving, I am sorry and I hope it happens soon. If you have a rounder tummy please do not allow anyone to shame you. If you are like me and capable of overextending her diaphragm please start singing and belting those notes. Whatever your situation is it is your tummy and no one gets to tell you anything about it.
Choose your life, love yourself.