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September 13, 2016

7 Signs That Your Relationship is Shit!

So continuing the bitter bitch week here are some rules on how to be smart in relationships. If you have not read Monday's post then you have missed a lot btw! #teaspilling

1. If he only talks to you late at night his intentions are bad. What exactly does this person do for a living that he's only free after 10pm? Is he out dating someone else? Has his mom or girlfriend just gone to bed? Or maybe he's keeping the conversation as short as possible. Whatever his reasons this is shady behavior!

2. You've only met his best friend. A lot of women get suckered into thinking that because they've met one of the most important people in his life that means that he is serious. NO it does not! His best friends already know what's going on in his mind and they will love him anyway. I mean think about it really well. You talk about your shit (literally) with your closest friends but not with coworkers. When he introduces you to his boss we can talk.

3. He still talks to his ex but NEVER when you are around. ''We're just friends." Cool, why won't he invite her over for dinner? Why does he think that you all won't get along? RUN!

4. He never talks about the future, or at least not one that you are in. Baby girl if he can't tell you what he wants to do for Christmas you all are not in a relationship. If he's always avoiding making plans, you're not in a relationship. Men are not planners like women but they also like to make sure that their meals will be covered and that they don't forget important shit for us to lose it on them. #justsaying
5. If the porn he watches is nothing like what you guys do in bed. This one is a bit tricky because pornography is fantasy. However, if all he ever watches is anal but never brought it up to you chances are the communication line is botched. Also if it super freaky things that you will never be into it's time to have a conversation because physical compatibility is extremely important.

6. You guys never spend the weekend together. The only way to know if you and a person are really good together is if you spend lots of time together. Spending the weekend having sex is not spending the weekend either. If you can't chill for a few days while you're on your period your relationship is a relation full of shit. Get out NOW!

This one is for my island gyals because this is 100% percent accurate, especially in small communities.

7. He says that you all do not need labels and that your love should be private. It does not matter how private a person is. If he is not willing to say that he has a girlfriend it's time to leave and do not take your time. This will not work!

I hope this was helpful and stay tuned for more of Bitter Bitch week! Laters.