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May 22, 2016

Why I'm a Feminist!

On November 30th, 1993 Rosabel Blake gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Urisha. That's Me! My dad missed my grand entrance because I postponed the show several times so he gave up and went back to work. For those of you who don't know Sint Eutstatius (Statia) is very small and it takes 5 minutes to get just about anywhere. I entered the world in a room filled with strong women and that was probably the day I became a feminist.

I was raised in the church, LITERALLY. We would go to church on Saturdays (Sabbath), Sunday- and Wednesday evenings. I was in a church club as soon as I was old enough and before that I attended with my parents who were club counselors. When I was about six I told my mom that I did not like the fact that the bible had so many boy stories. My favorite story was the one of Queen Esther because I like queens but also because she saved the day. Years later her story is still my favorite but I now see beyond the shiny crown.

Today we live in a world in which women who embrace their sexuality are called sluts. Girls are taught that they must hold on to their virginity until marriage while men do not have the same rules. Rather, male sexual experience is welcomed in relationships. I realized a long time ago that I would not be a slave to society. The amount of sex I would have would be based on MY beliefs and convictions. They would have nothing to do with what a church or society deemed correct. I decided that Miley Cyrus is a perfect role model for young girls because when you are 23 you are your own woman and if dressing half naked makes you comfortable you should be free to do just that! In a world where nudity is not main stream shows like Game of Thrones highlight the strength of women in characters like Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister. They embrace their sexuality and emotions and use them to be cunning and rule even better than many men do. Yet on that show we have seen those women naked more often than we should while we have yet to see a penis. The injustice seems to never end and I find myself asking "how is this still a thing?'

While Hillary Clinton is fighting to help and serve her country she is accused by male chauvinist pigs like the orange skinned buffoon Donald J. Trump for playing the "woman card". I am a feminist because I will play the "woman card" everyday of my life until things are equal. Being a man should not make you automatically get a higher salary in the same way that having my period does not get me off of work for a week every month. Feminists are not women (or men) who think that women are the superior race rather we are people who fight for equal rights.

As an enlightened black woman it is almost impossible for me not be a feminist. It is really just one more thing that I have to fight for and in this fight I am not alone. Women's rights are not for one race but for the human race! I will never say that anyone needs to become an activist but I am saying that regardless of your gender you need to start to pay attention. What type of world do you want your daughter, sister, and friend to live in?