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January 8, 2017

8 Days In

Welcome back to my blog and welcome to 2017. Meen goin pretend dat ah goin be more consistent and do Statia Sunday every week. I guh a life outside of dis n since a lot been goin on leh we start.

Every year we tell ourselves that we will change. "New year, new me" seems to be everyone's favorite December and January phrase. Yet by February 14th you've slept with two different men, cheated on  your diet at least twenty times and you can't seem to stop telling people the most comforting lies. Guess what? You're human and so is Statia's government. So why do we think that everything magically changes overnight? What would make 2017 any different?

Last year a great lady was fired from her job as commissioner and replaced be the ill-equipped carpenter. While we all thought he would run us into the ground, everyone was paid in December so that should be considered as a win right? We'll see about January
but so far so good. To Mr. Woodley, keep up the good work. Last year our SPLoG was loud and now for some reason he is silent. Let us praise the Lord and pray that he continues to bless us with this peace. This year is going to be good. I can feel it.

2017 will be our year to shine if Koos Sneek stops being an action figure (somehow this is a thing), we stop writing newspaper articles and we learn how to spell. Also if the members of certain forums would just come together, that would be great. I cannot be the only one who is sick of seeing the exact same post in their timeline twice. I honestly believe that this year Jean Marie will return to Statia and make a difference for her island....ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!

I must apologize for that paragraph of dreams. Here's what will never happen. Statia will never move forward because the current government is more worried about the constitutional status  than the health of the citizens. 2017 is going to be another year of people being ignored and fighting their hardest to get things done themselves. If a dialysis center is ever opened we'll name it Khanya. If the roads are ever fixed it will be because of two sisters and their friends. Really if anything worthwhile is done it will be because we worked hard for it. This is the hand that we've been dealt Statia so while they are talking about the validity of an invalid referendum go get a truck. Take your neighbor's garbage to the dump. Help them paint their house, or fix the fence that the cow broke down again. 2017 is only going to be good if the citizens of Statia work. So let's get to it. Happy New Year!