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January 30, 2017

About last week and the weekend.

Mah heart can't take it no mo. Ah feel like ah gon lose mah mind if somebody don't hurry up and get Trump. Leh we jus start so ah could get off de internet.

If you missed last week let me bring you up to speed Donald Dump has signed a bunch of executive orders a few being really messed up. He has decided that the pipeline in Keystone is an awesome idea so screw Native Americans and screw clean water. Also it is officially harder to deal with ObamaCare and we cannot leave out the fact that the US will no longer fund international agencies that promote abortion. The woman in me wants to explain exactly what that means but we do not have time. For the worst part of all of this has been the ban on the residents of seven Muslim countries and if FoxNews is calling it a Muslim ban then it is! We should talk history, come closer.

Europeans went to America for economic and religious reasons. Europeans wanted more than what they had so they decided to find a shorter route to India. Obviously it was no across the ocean and they thus found what we call America. Many jumped at the opportunity to leave the rigid social customs of Europe and many left seeking to convert the natives to Catholicism. We're not going to talk about how the Europeans tried to enslave the natives and when that proved difficult they imported African slaves. Let's let that go for a second. Today's white US citizens have ancestors who left their homes in search of something better. According to the Cambridge English dictionary a refugee camp is a place where people who have escaped their own country can live. It goes on to say that they are only expecting to stay for a short time. According to history most of the voyagers did not initially intend to stay in America but a few centuries later here we are. I will just leave this paragraph here and let you all mull over this a bit. Maybe Syrians will start to seem more like humans and less like terrorists. You know, the type of people who take great pleasure in raping, killing and enslaving other human beings for whichever cause they are fighting for on any given day, that type.

In other news: I agree with Clyde van Putten. The Hague (DH) is officially being low. I do not have energy to explain but if DH is going to make laws they should at least acknowledge their existence and pretend at the very least to care.

At church watching these two talk during the service.
Moving on. Randy Orton won the WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday night while Miss Haiti was cheated out of the Miss Universe crown (or so says the internet). Miss France won and though many are angry I would like to point out that the chances of the black island gyal getting this far were slim. On the bright side the world is changing I mean the Oscars are not half as white as they were last year. The film industry is beginning to look more like a bad chocolate chip cookie, more chocolate is to come.

On the upside, my life is beginning to look like an M&M's Subway© cookie. I went to church on Sabbath and to a social on Saturday night after which I spent time working hard on finding the perfect camera kiss. You will eventually see how that turned out. I also had a great healthy tasting cheese burger from a lovely spot called Hamburg and breakfast from Dutch Diner. I guess this goes to show that we can find happiness even when the world is turning to shit.

Try to find some happiness this week.